Protecting Your Rights With A Strong Criminal Defense

A criminal charge, even for a crime that seems to be relatively minor, can be devastating. A conviction will result in aThe Clayton Law Firm criminal record that can have a negative impact on all areas of your life. No matter how dire your situation may seem, it is important to remember that every case is defensible with the help of the right attorney.

At The Clayton Law Firm, P.C., in Fort Worth, our criminal defense lawyer can help provide you with the diligent legal counsel you need. With prosecutorial experience in the past, we understand how the other side operates. To get started protecting your rights, call 469-251-2554.

Powerful Defense Against Misdemeanor Charges

We represent people from Texas who are facing a wide range of criminal charges, including:

No matter what charge you may be facing, it is important to not say anything until you have secured legal counsel.

Putting The Past Behind You: Expungement And Nondisclosure

A criminal record can make it difficult to secure employment or find housing. A record may even disqualify you from receiving certain loans. If it seems unfair that a past mistake should follow you for life, there may be options available.

An expungement effectively purges your record of a past conviction, making it as if the crime never happened. There is only a select set of criminal convictions that may be expunged. We can let you know whether this may be an option in your case.

An order of nondisclosure can also be a helpful tool for putting your past behind you. This order prohibits public entities such as courts and police departments from disclosing certain criminal histories. This type of order also frees you from having to mention the relevant conviction on job applications. Again, not every conviction is eligible for a nondisclosure order.

Contact Us If You Have Been Charged With A Crime

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