Strong Advocacy When You Face Drunk Driving Or Drug Charges

There is no such thing as a minor criminal charge. Whether it concerns a DUI or a drug crime, it can lead to lasting damage to your personal and professional reputation, and result in serious criminal penalties. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you understand your legal options, and defend and protect your rights.

Our lawyer at The Clayton Law Firm, P.C., in Fort Worth, will provide for you the representation you require. We understand the actions prosecutors will take in handling your case, and this understanding allows for us to provide you with the best possible criminal defense.

Our office will be there for you from that first consultation until the final resolution of your case.

Protecting Your Future And Reputation Following A Drug Arrest

In Texas, there has been a tremendous crackdown concerning drug charges in recent years. This sometimes results in overzealous prosecution of alleged drug offenders. It has also led to individuals facing significant penalties, including fines, seizure of property and significant prison time.

We help individuals facing drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession and trafficking
  • Manufacturing of illegal substances
  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine and opiates
  • Illegal distribution of prescription drug medications
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and medications
  • Drug crimes involving juveniles

Whatever the charges, we will make ourselves available for you. We understand what steps to take to reduce or eliminate consequences that arise because of drug charges. Our firm has the resources to investigate your matter. We will also take the time to understand your circumstances and arrange for a strong defense.

Combating The Consequences Of A Drunk Driving Charge

It is important to take drunk driving charges seriously. The penalties even for a first time DUI in Texas can be significant. These can include fines, license suspension and possible jail time. The penalties become increasingly harsher with each successive conviction.

For this reason, it's important to speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience. Our law firm knows how to protect your driving privileges and aggressively fight DUI charges throughout the entire arrest process. We have a reputation for success that comes along with providing experienced and personalized legal services for everyone we represent.

Significant Knowledge And Experience Concerning The Criminal Process

Whether it involves drug charges or drunk driving allegations, let The Clayton Law Firm, P.C., help you. Contact our law firm by calling 469-251-2554.